5 Sex Games to Play Using Household Items

A list of 5 sexy games you and your lover could easily play at home!

You want a healthy sex life but you’ve fallen into a rut. Do you find yourself in this limbo? We understand and it’s normal for intimacy in relationships to ride the waves of highs and lows.

If you’re not completely distracted by your busy life, you may get a wild hair and want to spice things up… yet your fantasy seems out of reach because you don’t have the time to shop for lingerie or take a trip to the local sex shop to stock up on toys.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave the house or spend a dime to play these games. Get ready for an exciting weekend with these 5 sex games to play with your partner using staple household items.

1Follow the Honey

Here’s and exciting way to involve food without getting too messy. Apply small dollops of honey on your body making a trail for your partner to follow as they lick the honey off one area at a time. You can even apply honey to body parts you want your partner to explore, like your toes. The rule is- all honey must be licked clean. This way your partner has to take their time and slow it down. The anticipation of the final destination with arouse you both.

2 Close Shave

Allow your partner to shave your pubic area. The novelty of this practice will be sure to jolt your grooming routine. Your partner can get creative and shave shapes, lines, or the whole thing, telling you their interest and preference without saying a word. The key to this bonding experience is the vulnerability and trust involved- taking your intimacy to a much deeper level.

3 Pillow Fight

All you need is 2 pillows. This game is interchangeable with a tickle fight in which case you would need nothing. Each time one of your surrenders, the winner gets to take off one item of the losers clothing. You both play until all clothes are removed. This helps to create playful memories to associate fun times with intercourse in your relationship.

4 Oil Wrestling

Lay down a large towel or blanket, spend a couple minutes gently lathering each other up, then let the games begin. Roll around with your naked bodies feeling that silky skin to skin contact and… see what happens. Use kitchen staples like coconut oil or olive oil. Or lubricant, if you prefer.

5 Sexy Suit Card Game

All you need is a deck of cards for this game of foreplay. Assign each suit a sexy meaning. For example:

Hearts = Kissing
Diamonds = Massage
Clubs = Hands on Stimulation
Spades = Oral

You make up the rules so feel free to assign different meaning. The number on the card determines the amount of seconds the action takes place. Or minutes for a more intense tease, totally up to you. Play until either partner loses the game by surrendering.

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